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Pranams to Mother Chowdeswari and May the Mother bestow her kataksha on you.

Nandavareeka community was a small one with 13 Gothrams and 500 families to begin with and today we do not find any representation for one Gothra - Mounabhaargavasa and has few thousand independent families (the family names have increased because of the variance in writing the same). Today our community is spread across the earth, from India to Australia, from USA to Russia and where not? However, there is no database available for knowing where our members are and who they are.

In the olden days, when there were no communication facilities, our families were meeting at regular intervals at one or other occassion and exchanging the data of family members and so on. In this hightech era, we are neither interacting with other society members leave alone other Nandavareeka members nor interested in interacting with other nandavareekas unless they happen to be a direct relative or a friend.

It is observed that many nandavareekas are of the attitute "why should I be interested? or what is that I get?

It it our humble request to one and all - Please change the attitude. Ask what I should do to the community I belong to rather what the community has done to me.

Please register your details here and also request other nandavareekas to register their details. Any change in the contact details may be submitted through feedback form and we will update the same at the earliest. Please note that your details will appear only after the same are approved by the site administrator, hence visit on the next day to check your profile submitted. You may also send you detailed resume using feedback form and we will upload the ame under your name.




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